Amazon Sync All

Sync All - Using this option will force adds and deletes to an Amazon venue.
When activated, a Sync All will compare your online inventory within Fillz, with what is currently for sale within a specific Amazon venue If there are items that are missing or that should not be online, Fillz will send adds/deletes for these items in the next export to Amazon
*Note the Sync All will not function for items that are not in Fillz. For example, FBA items added to your Amazon account, but not to Fillz.
If you need your Fillz listings to be synced to Amazon, please follow these steps:
  1. Log into your Fillz account.
  2. Click on Marketplaces.
  3. Click on the drop down arrow beside the "Edit button" for the Amazon venue you'd like to activate.
  4. Select Sync All.
  5. Click Sync to issue the Sync All.


If you need to have your entire active inventory sent to Amazon, please email for an 'Export All'. A Sync All only compares for items that should/shouldn't be online.  For example if you updated the currency, or template settings and need that applied to all listings, an Export All will need to be created by a member of Fillz support.
To purge other marketplaces, please see the help page Purge Marketplaces.
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