eBay Shipping Rate Tables

This documentation is for the newest version of eBay shipping rates tables, which allows sellers to set multiple shipping rate tables for international and domestic shipping. If you do not have this option in your eBay account, contact Fillz for alternative instructions.


If you want to use eBay's shipping rate tables, you will need to set them up directly in eBay. For help configuring eBay shipping rates tables, click here. After you have configured the shipping rates tables in eBay, you can follow the steps below to configure them in Fillz:

  1. Log into your Fillz account
  2. Click on Marketplaces
  3. Click on the Edit button in the eBay section
  4. Scroll down to the eBay Shipping Rate Table Settings section
  5. Click on the  button.
  6. Follow the prompts to log into your eBay account and grant Fillz access to eBay's shipping rates.
  7. After following the prompts you will be redirected back to the eBay settings page in Fillz. Scroll back down to the eBay Shipping Rate Table Settings section.
  8. Check the "Use eBay shipping rate tables" box to enable the feature.
  9. Leave the "When shipping rate table IDs are not configured, use:" drop down set to Fillz Shipping Settings. This will make Fillz fall back to the Fillz Shipping settings if you do not have shipping rate defaults configured. The Fillz Shipping Settings must be filled in for listings to be sent successfully.
  10. Click on "my eBay shipping rate tables" in the blue box to open a pop up window to view the numerical ID associated with each shipping rate on a new page.
  11. You can enter the IDs to specify one default for international and one default for domestic shipping. Both default fields must be filled in.
    • These defaults will be applied to all new/modified listings that are sent to eBay by Fillz. If you would like to apply them to your existing eBay listings, you will need to perform an Update All.
    • You can put the numerical shipping rate IDs directly into your Fillz listings if you would like to use different rates for some items, rather than the defaults. This can be done by clicking on a SKU in Fillz and filling in the "eBay Shipping Rates" section.
  12. Click Save Changes to lock in the information you've entered.
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