Close your Fillz Account

Once an account closure request has been submitted, you will not be able to add inventory, process orders, or perform any other actions in the account. A pro-rated invoice for the current month's usage will be sent to you when invoices are next generated. We recommend that you download a copy of your inventory and orders in case you need them in the future.
  • Click here for help exporting your inventory.
  • Click here for help exporting your orders.

If you have not saved your Fillz invoice emails, we recommend that you download the invoices from Fillz for tax purposes. Fillz is not able to resend invoice emails. To download all of your invoices in a zip file, go to the Account->Billing page of your Fillz account and click the Download All Invoices button in the Invoices section of the page.

Important: Closing your Fillz account does not close your marketplace accounts.  Marketplace accounts must be closed through the individual marketplace accounts directly.  Also, your inventory is not removed from the marketplaces when your Fillz account is closed - Fillz' connection to the marketplaces is simply ended.

To close your Fillz account:

  1. Log into your Fillz account
  2. Click Marketplaces
  3. For each active marketplace, click on the drop down arrow beside the Edit button and select deactivate, then click to confirm the deactivation
  4. Once all marketplaces have been deactivated, click Account
  5. Click Billing
  6. Scroll to the last section of the page
  7. Click Change Account Status
  8. Select a reason for the closure
  9. Click Schedule Account for Closure
  10. Click Yes, I wish to schedule my account for closure
  11. You will then be logged out of Fillz. Should you log into your account again, you will see the following notice: Account is scheduled for closure. This account is considered suspended at this time. Please contact Customer Support to reopen this account.
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