Add an Image

To have images included with your marketplace listings, you must include image information in your Fillz inventory. Images are only passed to some marketplaces, such as AbeBooks, Biblio and eBay. Images are not passed to Amazon at this time.

The stock images you see when you add/review a listing in Fillz are not sent to marketplaces. These pictures are available to you in Fillz for reference purposes only and represent the image associated with your listing in the bibliographic catalog. These are Amazon’s images and Fillz does not have the licensing rights to send these to any other marketplace.

You can add your own images to your listings by using the “Image URL” field within Fillz, or uploading a file containing this information. Provide Fillz with a link to a hosted image and it will be exported to marketplaces. This does mean that you will first need to take or obtain pictures of your items and then upload these to an image hosting website. For help creating listings with an Image URL, click here.

You can upload one image per listing.

Some examples of image hosting websites:
* Photobucket (
* Imgur (

Note: You must have the legal right to use any images that you provide. Be aware of copyright restrictions that may be in place if you did not personally take the picture.

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