Amazon version 1 pricing data

Fillz currently supports two types of Amazon pricing data. Version 1 pricing data is described below. For information about version 2 pricing data, click here.

Amazon Version 1 Pricing Data

Amazon will consider the lowest 15 prices (sorted by Landed Price) for each Condition (New/Used/Collectible) and place them into groupings. Each grouping will represent a different combination of qualifiers (Condition, SubCondition, Fulfillment Channel, Ships Domestically, Shipping Time, Seller Positive Feedback Rating). If multiple sellers have listings that share the lowest landed price for a group, the listing from the seller with the highest feedback count is returned. Fillz will retrieve all of the available results.

With this pricing data, Amazon does not provide the Seller ID associated with each price, so we have to compare the values associated with each price to determine if the price might be yours so that you don't beat your own prices. We do this by comparing the feedback #, % positive rating, whether the item is FBA or not, and whether the item is shipping domestically or not.

For example, if your LIFETIME feedback # on Amazon is 100, you may want to use a range of "100-150" feedback in your script. If an offer has a higher or lower feedback # than this range, the script will consider the price when changing your prices. If an offer has a feedback # within this range, the script can either be written to ignore the price and not compete with it, or to match it.

If your 12 MONTH % positive rating of feedback on Amazon is 80%, and it doesn't change frequently on Amazon, you can select a range for % rating in your script that is close to this value.

These are the ranges that Amazon offers:

  • 98-100%
  • 95-97%
  • 90-94%
  • 80-89%
  • 70-79%
  • less than 70%
  • Just Launched

Note: you can use a range that covers one or more of the Amazon % ranges above, but you cannot choose numbers from within a range. For example, you cannot do 96-100% as 96 would be within the 95-97% range. You could either use 95-97% or 95-100%.

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