Pricing Import

You can upload files to Fillz that contain Market Specific Prices for items in your Fillz inventory with a quantity greater than 0. The prices you upload will only apply to the marketplace you specify.

These tab separated files only need to contain two fields, sku and price.

  • You will need to select the marketplace that the prices in your import file will apply to. The prices you upload will be saved in the corresponding market-specific price field on the item page.
  • You can only indicate one marketplace per import. If you want to apply the same prices to more than one marketplace, you will need to do separate imports for each marketplace.
  • If you have a large file, please use ZIP or Gzip to compress the file.
  • When uploading a Seller Engine file, make sure you use the SE export feature. SE database files with extension .dat will not work.
  • If you import prices for a marketplace which match your base prices, your items will be "reset to base price" and no market specific price will be shown in the listings.
Importing a File: 
  1. Log into your Fillz account
  2. Click Inventory
  3. Click Import Items
  4. On the Request Import tab, you can either drag and drop your file into the grey box, or you can click inside the box to browse for your file. If your file is large, please ZIP or Gzip your file before attempting to upload it.
  5. Set the Request Type to Pricing Import
  6. Leave the Format set to Fillz Inventory Loader
  7. Make sure the appropriate decimal separator for your prices is selected from the drop down. Example: If your prices are in US Dollars, you should select (period), if your prices are in Pounds you may need to select (comma), depending on the data in your import file.
  8. Choose the venue (marketplace) you want the prices to apply to
  9. Leave the Test only box checked to perform a test import (recommended).
  10. Submit Test if doing a test import or Submit Request if performing a real import.
  11. Click Submit Test
  12. Review the results of the test import (see "Checking Import Status" below for help).
  13. Repeat steps 1-6, and uncheck the Test only box to perform a real import.
  14. Click Submit Request

Checking Import Status:

After you import a file you will be automatically taken to the Request Status tab to view the status of your import. The data will refresh automatically, there is no need to click the "refresh" button on your browser. You can also use this tab to review previous file imports.

  • View All import files, or filter by a specific import request type.
  • View All statuses, or filter by a specific import status.
  • Click on the name of the file you imported to download a copy to your computer.
  • Click to view or download a report once an import file has been processed.
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