Export Orders

To get to the Export Orders page, log into your Fillz account and click on Orders -> Export Orders.

You can use this page to export orders from Fillz to your computer. Select an export format and export type, then click on the Request Report button.  You will be automatically directed to the List Reports tab to view the status of your export request. When your file is ready, you will be able to click to download it there.

Export Formats

Amazon Tab Separated
Best Manifesting Tab Separated
Endicia DAZzle
Stamps.com Postage
United Parcel Service
United States Postal Service

Export Types

  • New Since Last Export: Export any orders received since the last time you exported using this option. You can un-check the "Update Last Export Time on Request" box if you do not want to update the last exported date.
  • By Date: Choose your own date range, or use a preset option from Current Month, Previous Month, or Last Year. Date range is based off the date the order was last modified in Fillz.
    • Example: If you wish to export sales with a date range of December 1, 2006 to December 31, 2006, all the orders in the report will reflect the orders that were last moved in that date range. If an item was sold November 24th but wasn’t moved to Shipped until December 3rd, this item will appear in the export report for the month of December.
  • By Status: Export all orders in a particular Status. Choose from All, New, In Process, Shipped, Unconfirmed, Deferred, Cancelled, or a Custom status if you've configured any.
  • All Orders

Note: Orders that are in New status will not appear in your export unless you are using the “By Status” option and select “New” as the status.

Export Files

To view the status of your export report, or to view/download a report, click on the List Reports tab. You can narrow down your search by selecting one of the following options in the Export status drop down.

  • All
  • Submitted
  • Processing
  • Completed
  • Failed
  • Aborted
For help opening and editing export files using Excel, click here.
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