Top Things You Need to Know

  1. Sellers Based Outside of US: If you are a seller residing outside of North America and listing items in a foreign currency, please review our currency settings information. You should also set your shipping location (click here for details).
  2. Non-English Characters: Special characters are not fully supported.
  3. Browsers: Click here to see which browsers Fillz supports.
  4. Website Integration: If you have your own website, Fillz may be able to integrate. Check out our Custom Integration page for more details.
  5. Order Refunds/Cancellations: Refunds and order cancellations can’t be processed through Fillz. If you can’t fulfill an order for any reason, you’ll need to log into the marketplace on which the order was placed and initiate a refund/cancellation. Any order that you cancel on the marketplace should be moved to the “Cancelled” folder in Fillz so you’re not charged commission.
  6. Order Confirmation: You can customize order confirmation, cancellation and deferred emails. You can also customize the packing slips you include with your shipment.
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