Update a non-catalog item so it will be accepted by Amazon

A non-catalog item is an item that doesn’t have an ISBN/UPC/EAN, or an item that does not currently get an "exact match" from the Amazon.com catalog.

If you already have a non-catalog item listed in Fillz and need to update the listing so Amazon and other marketplaces will accept it, follow the steps below.

Search for the listing on the Inventory->Browse page in Fillz, then click on the SKU to edit it. If you need help finding the listing, see the "Searching" section of this page.

Once you've located the listing and clicked on the SKU to get to the Edit Item page, you need to ensure you've filled in all of the required fields. Click here for full details. We recommend you make a change to the note field of the listing after adding missing information. This will trigger the listing to be resent to Amazon and other marketplaces.



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