Find items that are about to Expire

Inactive items are items that have sold out or been deleted from Fillz. After items sell out or are deleted, Fillz stores the items as ‘inactive’ items for a period of time, as per your choice on the Account->Inventory Settings page of your Fillz account.

View Inactive Items in Fillz:

  1. Click on Inventory
  2. Click on Browse
  3. Open the Search bar
  4. Change the value in the Quantity field from >0 to =0
  5. Click Search
  6. Click the Modified button two times

Your listings will then be sorted in order of oldest modifications to newest modifications. The listings at the top of the page are the listings that are set to expire.

Export a File to review Inactive Items:

  1. Log into your Fillz account
  2. Click on Inventory
  3. Click on Export Items
  4. Leave the format set to Fillz Inventory Loader.
  5. Check the box beside Include items with 0 quantity
  6. Check the box beside Include items marked as inactive
  7. Click on Request Export
  8. Click on the Request Status tab to view the progress of the file, and download it when it's complete

A file with your active and inactive items will then be generated so you can save it to your computer. You can open the file using a product such as Excel. You would want to sort the file by Quantity, and remove any items that have a quantity greater than zero, as Fillz doesn’t expire active inventory items. Some of the remaining items are what would be expiring. Fillz doesn’t currently export the "Last Modified Date”, so you will not be able to determine exactly which items are set to expire.

Sorting in Excel:

Most files that can be exported out of Fillz can also be edited using Excel. Click here for help opening and editing your file.
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