Purge Marketplaces

When working online and transferring data, there is always a possibility of the odd file not being processed by a marketplace, which is why we recommend purging every 6 months to keep your marketplace inventories in sync with Fillz.

A purge will result in Fillz sending a full copy of your current inventory to the marketplace, and the marketplace will remove any items which aren’t in the file.

Purges cannot be performed on eBay. For information about syncing your eBay inventory, click here.

Purges cannot be performed on Amazon.  For information about syncing your Amazon inventory, click here.

If you are purging Barnes & Noble and have a SKU count greater than 50,000 items, email support@fillz.com to let us know. We have to trigger a full inventory export 24 hours after your purge is processed in order to guarantee all of your inventory is added back to the marketplace.

 ** Please note that purges for Amazons venues have been disabled.

These steps work for most marketplaces:

  1. Log into your Fillz account.
  2. Click Marketplaces.
  3. Click on the drop down arrow beside the Edit button for the marketplace you want to purge.
  4. Select Purge.
  5. Click Purge to confirm the purge.






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