Process your Orders


When you activate a marketplace in Fillz, Fillz will begin retrieving orders that are placed from that point forward.


The workflow for processing orders can differ between users. Here is a basic work flow that is helpful for most users:

  1. All orders come into New status on the Orders page
  2. Move the orders to In Process status by checking the box in the left corner of the header row in the order table:

    Then complete the move by clicking on the Update Selected drop down and selecting In Process.

  3. From there you can print Packing Slips of you require them for the orders that were just moved. Select the sorting method and the packing slip version you require, and click either the Download PDF or View PDF button to print the packing slips. For more packing slip options, click here.
  4. If you require mailing labels, you can click on Mailing Labels (be sure to configure your Mailing Labels on the Label Settings page of your Fillz account first).
  5. You also have the option of printing a pick list for your orders. To do this, click on Pick List, select a sorting method, optionally check the box to allow items within orders to be split when sorting, and click either the Download PDF or View PDF button to print the pick list.
  6. To print postage and ship your orders, check the box in the left side of the header row of the order table:

    And then click on Ship Selected* on the right hand side of the screen. To view directions for printing postage, follow this link.

    *IMPORTANT: With the exception of AbeBooks, tracking must be added to Fillz BEFORE the order is moved to Shipped status, or the tracking information will not be passed to the marketplace. Tracking can be added to Fillz at any time for AbeBooks orders.

Searching Orders

For detailed instructions on searching for orders, click here.

Order Status

There are 6 default order statuses:

1. New

  • All orders retrieved by Fillz appear in New status when they are first imported into Fillz.
  • When orders are in New status, you can view a concise list of your new orders by clicking on Pick List.
  • We recommend moving orders from New status before picking and printing postage, as new orders will continually appear in this status as orders are placed on marketplaces which may cause confusion. Leaving a significant amount of orders in New status will delay the load time of the Order->Browse page.

2. In Process

  • You can move orders to In-Process status as you are pulling them from your inventory.
  • Once your orders are moved to In Process, you can begin printing postage. For more information view the "Workflow" section above.
  • AbeBooks allows you to confirm orders when they are moved to In Process status. We recommend that you enable this feature to meet marketplace confirmation deadlines as you are processing your orders. You can enable this feature by following the instructions below:
    • Click Marketplace
    • In the AbeBooks section, click Edit
    • Check the box beside “Confirm orders when moved to "In Process"
    • Click Save Changes.
  • AbeBooks only charges credit cards when orders are confirmed. If you enable the above option, and a credit card is rejected for an order, Fillz will prevent that order from being moved to In Process status and provide a warning.
  • Alibris also allows you to confirm orders when they are moved to In Process status, though this is not recommended if you would like tracking numbers passed to the marketplace.

3. Shipped

  • When your orders are moved to Shipped status, a confirmation email can be sent to your buyers. To learn more about customizing confirmation emails, click here.
  • If you have confirmation emails set up but wish to move an order to Shipped without emailing the buyer, use the “Shipped - No Email” option.
  • If you have “Charge When Ship” enabled in Fillz for Amazon, Fillz will send confirmation files to Amazon when you move your orders to Shipped status. For instructions on enabling Charge When Ship, click here.

4. Deferred

  • You will likely not have to use this status very often; however, you may want to move orders to this status if any items in the order are back-ordered.

5. Cancelled

  • If a buyer cancels or returns an order, you need to move the order to “Cancelled” status.
  • You will not be charged commission on orders that have been canceled by a buyer or marketplace if you move them to Cancelled status in Fillz before the 2nd day of the month after the order came in. For example, if you received an order on September 3rd and the buyer cancels or requests a refund, as long as you move the order to Cancelled status in Fillz before October 2nd, you will not be charged a commission fee for the order.
  • Moving an order to Cancelled status on Fillz DOES NOT cancel the order on the Marketplace. All refunds and cancellations must processed directly on the Marketplace.
  • When your orders are moved to Cancelled, a cancellation email can be sent to your buyers. To learn more about customizing your cancellation email, click here.
  • If you have cancellation emails set up but wish to move an order to Cancelled without emailing the buyer, use the “Cancelled & no confirm” option.

6. Unconfirmed

  • Should there be a problem with confirming an order on a marketplace, Fillz will move the problem order to the order to Unconfirmed status.
  • If there are orders in this status, a a box will appear on the  Dashboard of your Fillz account to let you know.
  • If you see an order in unconfirmed status in Fillz, review the information here for next steps.

*If you would like to add additional order statuses (folders) to the orders page, you can follow the instructions here.

Special attention is needed for the following types of orders:
  • N/A: This means that you need to take a close look at the order and check to see if you have any in stock as Fillz sees a problem. Fillz will not send out deletes or quantity updates for orders that show  N/A. Should you have copies in stock and decide to ship them, you will need to update the quantity of the SKUs in Fillz so the quantities can be adjusted across marketplaces.
  • UNMATCHED: Orders flagged as UNMATCHED mean that when the order was picked up by Fillz, the item had a quantity of 0 in Fillz.

Order Confirmation

Fillz supports sending order confirmations to the following marketplaces. These marketplaces all require sellers to confirm orders:
Note: Early order confirmation is available for AbeBooks and Alibris (option for orders to be confirmed when orders are moved to “In Process”). All other order confirmations are sent when orders are moved to “Shipped” status.
Markets on which confirmation is optional:
  • ChrisLands - Chrislands does not currently support automated order confirmations. If you choose to confirm orders, you will need to do so directly on the marketplace, after the orders have come into Fillz.
Tracking: If you have added tracking information to the order before moving it to Shipped status in Fillz, it will be included in the order confirmation files sent to the marketplaces listed below.

For information about adding tracking numbers to Fillz click here.

Moving Orders in Bulk

There are two ways that you can move orders in bulk:

  1. To move a group of orders, see Step 2 in the "Workflow" section above.
  2. Hand pick specific orders by use the Batch Move page. For more information, click here.

Adding Orders

If you need to add orders to Fillz that you received either from a Custom Marketplace or from your Brick & Mortar store, you can use the instructions here.

For more information on orders check out the Orders section of our FAQ.





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