Import Items

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To get to this page, log into your Fillz account, and then click on Inventory then Import Items.

You can use this page to import inventory and pricing files into Fillz, as well as check the status of imported requests.

Fillz support imports in the following formats:

Art of Books
Amazon-Tab Separated
Amazon Standard Book
Fillz Inventory Loader
Fillz Product Detail Loader Format
HomeBase 2.x
Monsoon (various)
Seller Engine

Importing a file: 

  1. On the Request Import tab, you can either drag and drop your file into the grey box, or you can click inside the box to browse for your file. The online system can accept files up to 20MB. If your file is larger than this, please ZIP or Gzip your file before attempting to upload it.

  2. Choose a Request Type:
  • Regular Import - Use this option to add/modify/deactivate SKUs in your import file.
  • Pricing Import - Use this option if you are importing a file to set market specific prices.
  • Purge - Use this option to deactivate any listings that currently exist in your Fillz account, but are not in the replacement file you are importing.
  1. Select an Import Format. See table above for descriptions of each option.

  2. Decimal separator in prices - Select the appropriate decimal separator for your prices from the drop down. Example: if your prices are in US Dollars, you should select .(period). If your prices are in Pounds you may need to select ,(comma).
  3. Select other options as required. See below for descriptions of each option.

  4. Click Submit Test if doing a test import or Submit Request if performing a real import.

  5. You'll then be redirected to the Request Status tab to check on the request and view/download the results when completed.

Import Options:

If you request a Regular Import, you will have the following options to choose from:

  • Add items which are not in Fillz
  • Modify existing items in Fillz
  • Modify extended attributes of existing items in Fillz - If you would like to modify attributes which Fillz doesn't have specific fields for on the Create Item page, use this option.
  • Modify quantity - For detailed information about quantity options, click here.
  • Modify location of existing items in Fillz
  • Import/Update zero-quantity items

If you request a Pricing Import, you will have the following options to choose from:

  • Venue - Choose the marketplace you want the prices to apply to.

If you request a Purge, you will have the following options to choose from:

  • Allow quantity increase - This will change the quantity that is in Fillz for a SKU and replace it with the information in the quantity field of your file.
  • Override safety - If you would like to delete more than 20% of your current Fillz inventory, you will need to check this box.

Checking Import Request Status

Click on the Request Status tab to view the status of your imports. The data will refresh automatically, so if you've recently imported a file there is no need to click the "refresh" button on your browser.

  • View All import files, or filter by a specific import request type.
  • View All import statuses, or filter by a specific request status.
  • Click on the name of the file you imported to download a copy of your import files.
  • Click to view or download a report once an import file has been processed.


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