Understanding Import Reports - What To Watch Out For

Fillz recommends that you always do a test import before doing a real import of your file. This way you can catch mistakes before they affect your inventory.

If your import file will be making changes to your Fillz inventory, you will see a summary at the bottom of the Import Report. If there is a change made to an attribute, you will see the name of the attribute and then the number of items affected by the change.

Reason for modifications: note => 1,
  • This example shows that 1 SKU in your Fillz account would have its note changed as per the import file.
idtype Product ID (ISBN/UPC/ASIN/EAN)
price The price of your listing
note The description for your listing
quantity The quantity of your listing
location The location of your listing
asin The product-id (ASIN)
title The title of your listing
author The author of your listing
manufacturer The publisher/manufacturer of your listing
cost The value in the cost field
idtype The product-id-type
upc The UPC for the product

Reports will show changes such as:

  • itemsToImport - These are new SKU that will be added to Fillz
  • itemsToExport - This number represents SKUs that will become inactive in Fillz
  • itemsToImportModify - This number represents SKUs that will be modified and will show the different attributes that will be changed

Beware of changes that are not intended, if you are doing a test import and notice a change in the report for an attribute and you aren’t trying to change, Contact Us!

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