Order Browser

To get to the Order Browser page for managing your orders, log into your Fillz account, click on Orders then Browse in the left sidebar.

You can search by ISBN, SKU, Fillz order number, or the marketplace order number. For more information about the search options, click here.

Clicking on the check box in the left of the table header row will select or de-select all orders.

The Update Selected drop down moves all selected (check marked) orders to the status selected in the drop-down menu that appears when you click on the button. For example, all checked New orders can be moved to In Process status by clicking on In Process in the drop-down menu.

Clicking on Ship Selected takes you to the shipping page for all selected orders, while clicking on Export Selected opens a drop-down menu of file formats that you can choose to export and save your orders in.

There are buttons on the page to view and print a pick list, packing slips, and mailing labels for all of the orders on the page.

Orders are identified by a Fillz order number and the marketplace order number. Beneath these numbers are links to Edit the order or view the Packing Slip for the individual order. (Packing slips open in a new window.)

The Customer column displays the buyer's name, the marketplace that they made the purchase on, payment method, and the chosen shipping method.  Clicking on the customer's name will pop up your email client so you can easily send emails to the buyer.

Items ordered are displayed on the right. This information is also displayed on the packing slip.

If an item was allocated when the order came in, its location will be displayed in square brackets. The location will be ‘-’ if no location was specified for the SKU.

If an item could not be allocated, N/A will appear.

If an order comes in for an item (SKU) that could not be located in your inventory, UNMATCHED will appear on the order.

Fillz displays the prices that are received from each marketplace, in the marketplace's native currency.

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