Charge When Ship

With Charge When Ship (CWS), Amazon requires that all sellers confirm the shipment of orders on Amazon after shipping them out. Payment will not be passed to a seller until the shipment has been confirmed for an order. For any questions about this requirement, please contact Amazon directly.

Managing CWS through Fillz

To confirm an Amazon order, all you need to do is move your shipped orders to “Shipped” status in Fillz and Fillz will send a shipment confirmation to Amazon for you.

Please note that it can take several hours for an order to be updated on Amazon to reflect the shipment update.

Should you find it necessary to cancel an order instead of confirming shipment, you must do so directly through your Amazon account. You will also want to move the order to “Cancelled” status in Fillz so you are not charged commission.

If you add tracking information to Fillz before moving an order to “Shipped”, Fillz will send the tracking number to Amazon.

Quick Tip: When looking at the order in your Fillz account, you can click on the Amazon order number (it will be blue) to be taken directly to the order on Amazon.


Should there be a problem with Amazon confirming the order as “Shipped”, Fillz will receive a report from Amazon then move the problem order to the Unconfirmed order status  in your Fillz account. We expect this to be an extremely rare occurrence.

Click here to find out what to do if an order becomes Unconfirmed.


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