About Valore

“The team at is 100% dedicated to our customers, who are mostly students. That’s why the online marketplace offers cheap textbooks from over 20,000 independent booksellers across the country. Those sellers are competing to sell lover 18 million items at the lowest prices, which is how we score you the screaming deals you’ve come to expect from our trusted brand.”

Becoming a Seller

For more information on how to become a Valore seller, click here.

Fillz specific notes

  • You are required to contact Valore and request an FTP account.
  • If an item does not have an ISBN, or is not found in Amazon’s catalog, the item won't be accepted by Valore.
  • If you move a Valore order to Shipped status in Fillz, Fillz will automatically send a confirmation file to Valore.

Configuring and Activating Valore in Fillz

For instructions on configuring and activating Valore in Fillz, click here.


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