About eCampus

“ is a fully operational e-commerce business designed to provide the highest-quality products and services to students and campus communities wherever they happen to be. now offers the absolute widest online selection of textbook alternatives including purchasing new, used and digital textbooks from directly; buying from sellers on our student marketplace, or simply renting your textbooks for the semester.”
  • It may take 24-48 hours for price changes to be indexed on eCampus.
  • eCampus supports books.
  • Only sellers based in the US can sell on eCampus.
  • eCampus processes payments on behalf of its sellers.
  • Orders will expire if not confirmed within 72 hours.

Becoming a Seller

  • For information on the eCampus Marketplace program, click here.
  • To register on eCampus, click here.
  • Once you have become a seller, email to request an FTP account. In the email, include your marketplace username. This is required to allow Fillz to communicate with the eCampus marketplace.

Configuring and Activating eCampus in Fillz

For instructions on configuring and activating eCampus in Fillz, click here.


Click here to go to the eCampus contact page.

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