About ChrisLands:

“ChrisLands provides an easy and affordable solution to operating your own online store. We have provided the new, used, out-of-print, and antiquarian independent bookseller with a full eCommerce bookstore solution since 2001.”


To go to the registration page on ChrisLands click here.

Fillz-Specific Notes

  • Fillz does not receive the Payment Status from ChrisLands, so all orders are imported into Fillz. Review your ChrisLands orders before shipping to prevent shipment for orders that were not successfully completed (due to buyer cancellation, credit card rejection, etc).
  • Buyer Comments are supported for ChrisLands orders.
  • If you filled in the category field of your Fillz Listings, these will be sent to ChrisLands as catalogs.

Configuring and Activating ChrisLands in Fillz

You will need to have an ftp username and password in order for Fillz to interact with ChrisLands. You will also need to notify ChrisLands that you are a Fillz user so order retrieval can be enabled for your account.

For instructions on configuring and activating ChrisLands in Fillz, click here.


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