World First

World First is an award-winning foreign exchange company, offering assistance to individuals and businesses wishing to sell on foreign internet marketplaces. Every year, they help thousands of online marketplace merchants to open non-domestic bank accounts in the UK, USA, Europe and Canada. This allows merchants to make considerable savings on their cross-border transactions from Amazon and eBay. If you are selling abroad or looking to diversify your business and expanding onto foreign sales channels then register here.

World First supports non-US based sellers only.


  • Registration is free
  • No charge for payments over £500
  • No monthly fees
  • Better exchange rates than marketplaces and banks, saving you up to 3% on each international payment
  • The easy to use best-in-class online platform, which allows you to manage your accounts and make payments quickly and simply
  • Award Winning service - your own dedicated dealer to explain your options as a World First ‘e-tailer’ client and help with your accounts

Supported Countries

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