Search on the Orders Page

To get to the Order search area, click on Orders then Browse.

  1. To begin your search, click on the down arrow in the search bar. You will then see all of the search options:
    • SKU - Search the SKU field
    • Customer - Search buyer email address, name, address, postal/zip code, or city
    • Title - Search the title field
    • Author - Search the author field
    • Order # - Search for a Fillz order number or a Marketplace order number
    • ISBN/UPC - Search for ISBN, UPC, ASIN or EAN
    • Location - Search the location field
    • Note - Search for data in the item-note field
  2. Once you have filled in your search criteria, hit Enter on your keyboard or click on the Search button to run the search.
  3. To clear your previous search criteria and begin a new search, click on the Clear button.


Search Requirements

  • Numbers/letters must have at least 3 characters in a row in each occurrence
  • Punctuation does not count as a character
  • If you want to search for numbers/letters with punctuation, you need to search with " around it

For Example:

  • 123/123/123 will be searchable, as all numbers/letters are at least 3 characters long in each occurrence
  • 123/1/123 will NOT searchable, as the number in the middle is only one character long

To perform a search for the above example, you would need to enter the following into the search field:



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