Map Categories for eBay Stores

There are two ways to configure categories in Fillz. One way is to configure them by Item Type (this requires very little effort on your part), or mapping based on the Category field within your Fillz listings (this has several time consuming steps).
eBay allows you to have up to 300 store categories.

Category mapping based on Item Type

This method allows you to set one store category for each media type.

  1. Create eBay Categories in your eBay Store builder. Click here to be taken to the page
  2. After you have created the eBay Categories, click here to look up the numbers that eBay associated with each of them.
  3. Next, log into your Fillz account
  4. Click on Marketplaces
  5. Click on the Edit button in the eBay section
  6. Scroll down the page to the "Categories" section.
  7. Fill in the category numbers that eBay associated with your store catalogs beside the item type that you wish to appear in the eBay Category.
    • If you leave a category blank, it will default to the “Other” category.
    • If the number assigned is less than 20, please subtract one from the number - i.e. category 14 on eBay is 13 here.


You create a category called “Movie” in your eBay store, and eBay assigned the number “293953” to “Movie” in your eBay Store Category configuration. You would then fill in “293953” beside “DVD” in Fillz on the eBay configuration page so all of your DVDs are displayed in your eBay store in the Movie category. You would also want to put “293953” beside Video in Fillz so your videos appear in the Movie category in your eBay store. This is what the Fillz page would look like after you fill in the table:


Category mapping based on Category Field

For this method, you will need to put your Fillz items into categories, which means filling out the category field in each item for your entire inventory. Then you will then need to log into eBay to create eBay Store Categories. Finally, you need to map which Item Categories should be listed in each of your eBay Store Categories through your Fillz account.

  1. Filling in the category field can be done manually in Fillz one item at a time, or you can create and import a file in the Fillz Inventory Loader format to fill in this field.
  2. After you have filled in the category field for your listings, you need to log into your eBay Store Builder and create eBay Store Categories. Click here to be taken to the page.
  3. After you have created the eBay Store Categories, click here to look up the numbers that eBay associated with each category
  4. Next, log back into your Fillz account
  5. Click on Marketplaces
  6. Click on the Edit button in the eBay section
  7. Scroll down the page to the "Categories" section
  8. Fill in the "If Category field starts with" words and the corresponding "Store Category" numbers to associate each of your Item Category names with the number of an eBay Store Category. You can assign multiple Item Categories in Fillz to a single eBay Store Category.


You have a listing with an Item Category field of “Record Album” and you created a Store Category in your eBay account for records that had the category number “123456.” To add the listing to the eBay records catalog you would enter the following into Fillz:

Note: The Category field in Fillz items must be spelled exactly the same in your item listing as the above table (case and space sensitive).
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