Purge Fillz

There are two different purge functions you can initiate in Fillz. A purge of your Fillz inventory, or a Marketplace Purge.

Purging Your Fillz Inventory:
When importing a file that contains your full inventory into Fillz, you can import it as a purge. Selecting this import option will deactivate any listings that currently exist in your Fillz account but do not exist in the file you are importing.
For more information, click here.

Marketplace Purge:
We recommend that you purge your Markets every 6 months to keep your Fillz inventory synchronized with each venue (with exception to eBay as there is no “Purge” feature for this marketplace). A marketplace purge results in your inventory being removed from the marketplace, followed by a fresh copy of your Fillz inventory being sent to the marketplace. For more information click here.
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