Reviewing A Marketplace Export Report

To see the exports that Fillz is sending to a marketplace you have activated, follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Fillz account.
  2. Click Marketplaces.
  3. Click View Exports for the marketplace you wish to view exports for.
  4. Click to View or Download export and/or report files.

Export files are listed chronologically, newest to oldest.  For some marketplaces, Fillz receives file processing reports for each export. Where reports are available, you will see [View] and [Download] options in a Report column.


 Note regarding Amazon:

  • If you see an Error in your Amazon export report, this item will NOT be listed on their marketplace. 
  • If you see a Warning, this item usually will be listed but with some minor changes.
  • To see a list of common errors and possible resolutions, please visit Amazon's Help page.
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