What does it mean when I get “Not able to confirm / set tracking” when I try to change an order to In-Process status?

You will see this message if you attempt to move an AbeBooks order to In Process status, if you have "Confirm orders when moved to "In Process" for AbeBooks" enabled and: 

  • The customer’s credit card has been declined
  • The customer has cancelled the order.
  • Fillz cannot connect to AbeBooks' API (the API system is having a problem)

We recommend waiting a couple of hours and then trying to move the order again, just in case it’s the API.

You may also get this message if you don't have "Confirm orders when moved to In Process" enabled and Fillz attempts to confirm an order that has been moved to Shipped status. To ensure that the order is confirmed before shipment, and that buyers are successfully charged for orders, we recommend enabling "Confirm orders when moved to In Process."

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