What if I receive a double sale?

We try to minimize the occurrence of double sales to the best of our ability, but they do happen. We make the following recommendations to reduce the potential for double sales:

  • Never re-use SKUs.
  • Purge your markets every 6 months.
  • Always use Fillz to process your orders, instead of processing your orders directly on the marketplaces.
  • Always use Fillz to add your inventory to Marketplaces, instead of adding inventory directly to the marketplace.

Some other situations that may cause double-sales:

  • It can take up to 4 hours from the time an item is purchased to the time other markets process files and delist the item. If a second sale happens within that window, you will receive a double sale. This is rare and items are usually delisted well before the 4 hour limit.
  • Due to technical difficulties, either on Fillz or on the marketplaces, deletes may fail to process.
  • On some markets, buyers are able to add items to their shopping carts, but may take several days to complete the transaction. While the item is in the buyers' shopping cart, the market will not process any deletes, even if the item has already sold elsewhere.
  • N/A - Orders that show as N/A - This means that you need to take a close look at the order and check to see if you have any in stock as Fillz sees a fulfillment problem. Fillz will not send out deletes or quantity updates for orders that are N/A. Should you have copies in stock and decide to ship them, you will need to update the quantities of the items in Fillz so we can update the other marketplaces.
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