Activate Your Marketplaces

Please ensure that you have already registered for and established an account with each Marketplace before you attempt to activate through Fillz.

After you have activated your Marketplaces, Fillz will begin sending exports immediately. We will begin retrieving your orders from the Markets within 30 minutes of activation.

Information about how Fillz works with each specific marketplace can be found here.

Configuration and activation steps for each specific marketplace can be found here.

Note: You have the option to activate a marketplace without doing a purge. This will send an add for all active items in Fillz, and a delete for all inactive items in Fillz to the marketplace, instead of performing a purge and replace which would wipe out the existing listings on the marketplace and send a replacement file of all active items in Fillz.

Not from North America? Ensure you configure your shipping on the Account->Inventory Settings page before activating marketplaces.

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