Update All for eBay

Update All - This option sends an update for each item that is currently listed on eBay. Anytime you make changes on the eBay Configuration page, you will be asked to Update All. Most of the time this function does not incur eBay fees.

  • A listing cannot be revised if a sale already occurred (you have multiple copies of an item, one sold and you are trying to change a listing with remaining copies). In this case, the listings will be closed and reopened and you will be charged listings fees.
  • The duration of a listing can’t be revised. If you change your listings from “Good until Cancelled” to “30 Day” or vice versa and click “Update All”, all of your items will be closed and re-opened and you will be charged listing fees.

Performing an Update All

  1. Log into your Fillz account
  2. Click on Marketplaces
  3. In the eBay section, click on the drop down arrow beside the Edit button
  4. Click on Update All

  5. Click to confirm the Update All

It typically takes a few hours for an Update all to complete and eBay exports may appear as "not working" in your Fillz dashboard while all of the files are being sent out. As long as exports do not additionally show "suspended," the Update all is running smoothly.


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