Re-Filter eBay

Re-filter - Using this option will force adds and deletes to eBay based on your filter settings. This button will not modify items. This is used when the filter parameters are changed. It can also be used to delete all of your items by setting the filter price high such as 99999, while leaving the salesrank filter box empty.

If you need your Fillz listings to be re-sent to eBay, please follow these steps:

  1. Log into your Fillz account.
  2. Click on Marketplaces.
  3. Click on the drop down arrow beside the "Edit button" for eBay.
  4. Select Re-filter.
  5. If you need to re-list items that just expired on eBay, check the "Force Refresh" box.
  6. Click to issue the Re-filter.
  • You may incur listing fees as this will add items to eBay if they are missing on eBay.
  • It typically takes a few hours for a Re-filter to complete, and eBay exports may appear as "not working" in your Fillz dashboard while all of the files are being sent out. As long as exports do not additionally show "suspended" the Re-filter will be running smoothly.
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