Load Your Inventory

There are four methods that can be used to add inventory to your Fillz account:

Import an Inventory File:

Click here for instructions on importing inventory files into Fillz.

Add Inventory Manually, One Item at a Time:

If you do not have your inventory saved in a file, you can add items using the Create Item page of our User Interface.

Add Inventory Manually, in Bulk:

If you want to scan or enter your inventory manually, you can use the Inventory Input page to enter items in bulk. Once you've added items, you can complete the listing process using the Condition & Price page.  Here is the process for entering new items in Bulk:

  1. Enter a batch of items on the Inventory Input page. For instructions, click here.
  2. Complete your listings using the Condition & Price page. For instructions, click here.
  3. After prices and conditions have been entered for the items, they will be automatically uploaded to your active marketplaces.

Add Inventory Using FTP:

For information detailing how you can add inventory via FTP, click here

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