About TextbookRush

“We started online in 2002, but we have been in the book business for over 19 years (WOW!). It all started at The Ohio State University in 1994 with retail "brick and mortar” stores. But let’s back up for a minute. We were TextbooksRus.com for a while, but now we are TextbookRush. The name change hasn’t changed who we are. We sell books at seriously low prices, as well as textbook rentals for those one-and-done classes. Have books to sell? We’ve got you covered there too. We buy over one million different titles back from students and other sources for cash or store credit. And that’s not all we’ve got. When it’s time for a study break you can check us out for great movies and video games.“

The TextbookRush.com marketplace supports 3 attributes you can associate with your books:

  • Instructors
  • Annotated
  • International

If one or more of the aforementioned words appears in the Notes field in your Fillz inventory, TextbookRush will parse this information and assign your listings to the appropriate category on their website.

Becoming a Seller

  • For more information on becoming a seller, click here.
  • Once you have become a seller, email TextbookRush Seller Support to receive an FTP account. In the email, include your marketplace username. This is required to allow Fillz to communicate with the TextbookRush marketplace.

Fillz-specific Notes

  • If you move your TextbookRush orders to "Shipped” status in Fillz, we will confirm the orders on TextbookRush.
  • The item price that is displayed in Fillz orders for TextbookRush is the price minus their fees.

Configuring and Activating in Fillz

For instructions on configuring and activating TextbookRush in Fillz, please click here.

Fillz will purge your listings on the marketplace and automatically re-send your complete Fillz inventory. Any items added that are not present in your Fillz inventory will be deleted from the Marketplace.


Click here to go to the TextbookRush.com contact page.

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