Chrislands Settings

  1. To begin activation, click Marketplaces -> Add Marketplace.
  2. Select Chrislands from the drop down, then click Next.
  3. Enter your Chrislands Store Name.
  4. Enter your FTP User ID.
  5. Enter your FTP Password.
  6. Click Test Credentials to ensure the information you entered above is correct.
  7. Optional Settings:
    • Prepend venue-specific text to item note: Anything that you add to this field will appear before the text in your item Notes on this market only.
    • Append venue-specific text to item note: Anything that you add to this field will appear after your item Notes on this market only.
    • Leave the File Format set to “UIEE”.
    • We recommend that you leave the order retrieval interval set to 1. Your options are 1, 2, 3, or 4.
    • Suspend exports: You can check this box if you do NOT want Fillz to make any changes to this marketplace for you. This will prevent us from sending any exports (new listings, updates, de-lists, etc.) to the marketplace.
    • Send deletes only: You can check this box if you do NOT want Fillz to list any items to this marketplace but to send deletes only. Fillz will only send a delete to the marketplaces when the item is sold. If there is a quantity of more than 1 for an item, and 1 copy of that item is sold, we won’t send anything to the marketplaces. If the quantity drops to “0” we will send the delete file to remove that item from the marketplace. We will also not send additions/updates to the marketplaces if the “Send deletes only” box is marked.
  8. Currency Settings:
    • Marketplace accepts prices in: Use this drop down to select the currency that your marketplace account is set up to accept. Some marketplaces only have one option, while others may have several. If you change this setting, click Update to lock in the change.
    • You will need to assign a currency to your Base Price if you haven’t already done so (ie. is your currency in USD, or a different currency?). Also, if the marketplace is set up to accept a currency that is different from your base price, you will need to choose how you would like exchange rates to be calculated. Click on the link that says currency settings to set both of these. For more information on the currency settings click here.
    • Price Padding:
      Depending on your settings, you might see a section that looks like this:

      You can edit the Fixed Amount if you would like to mark up your items by a fixed number (such as to help cover shipping) when being sent the marketplace. You can also add an amount to multiply the total by (base price plus fixed amount times exchange rate if there is one) if you would like to increase or decrease the total by a percentage.
    • Ensure the proper currency is selected in the Market Specific Price area.
  9. Click Next.
  10. Check the box to perform a purge and replace on activation if you are OK with Fillz replacing your current inventory with what is in Fillz.
  11. Click Activate Marketplace.
For more information on Fillz' integration with Chrislands, click here.
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