About Biblio

“Biblio offers over 85 million used, rare and out-of-print books, but that’s not truly what sets us apart. As discerning bibliophiles already know, less is often more. We work with the finest booksellers in the world to cultivate a truly remarkable collection that strikes the perfect balance between quantity and quality of selection.”

Important Notes:

Biblio is currently able to send updates to your account, if you have one. However, Fillz is unable to retrieve or confirm orders with at this time.

Becoming a Seller

Click here to review Biblio’s Getting Started FAQ.

Fillz specific notes

  • Before activating your Biblio Marketplace, please contact Biblio customer support and ask them for an FTP account and for order automation to be enabled.

Configuring and Activating Biblio in Fillz

For instructions on configuring and activating Biblio in Fillz, click here.


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