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“ is a subsidiary of established in 2000. This site offers customers in France a quick and convenient service incorporating most of the features available on, including personalized recommendations, Wish lists and Marketplace, the sales platform for third party sellers.”

“If you are interested in expanding your activities in one of the fastest growing marketplace by selling on, feel free to contact the team by email at - we are a bilingual team and will be happy to help you get started on”

Important Notes:

  • Must have separate accounts and different email addresses/passwords for each Amazon site, unless you have configured a Unified account for
  • Must have a French bank account. We are currently referring a company called World First to assist sellers in setting up a proxy account, for non-US based sellers. For more information, click here. Note, this may not be necessary if you have a Unified account.
  • If you have your “International Shipping” Flag set to “No” for your listings, you will want to enable “Always send items, regardless of international flag?”.

Fillz specific notes

Configuring and Activating in Fillz

For instructions on configuring and activating in Fillz, click here.

Contact Info

You can contact the Business Development team at in either French or English and they will be able to assist you with setting up your account.

phone:    +33156604646

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