About Alibris

“Alibris (pronounced "uh-LEE-briss”) is the premier online marketplace for independent sellers of new and used books, music, and movies, as well as rare and collectible titles. We connect people who love books, music, and movies to more than 100 million items from thousands of sellers worldwide.“

Important Notes:

  • Alibris has several partner programs where they can list your items. Some examples are Barnes & Noble, Borders, Books-a-Million, Chapters/Indigo, Blackwell’s, and Ingram.
  • Alibris requires that sellers use Alibris as the return address for items shipped. This means sellers should normally use the Alibris packing slip.
  • Alibris supports used, rare, collectible and new books. They also support music and movie products.
  • Alibris accepts any format including: hardback, paperback and audio books, CDs, vinyl records, cassettes, VHS tapes, DVDs, laser-discs, and more. Since eBooks are considered software, they do not support the sale of eBooks. They support non-catalog items.
  • Alibris does not allow drop-shipping.
  • Alibris has a minimum listing price of $0.99. Items priced below this value will still be uploaded to Alibris, but Alibris will increase the price to $0.99.
  • If you have the word "highlighter” in your description and use a condition above “Good”, Alibris will automatically downgrade your condition.
  • For third party services that connect to Alibris (such as Fillz), orders are retrieved through EDI. When Alibris enables EDI in a seller’s account, e-mail notifications for orders will stop. Sellers can still log into Alibris to see orders through the Seller Hub.
  • When you activate Alibris through Fillz, we automatically email Alibris to request that they turn on EDI for your account. Fillz won’t be able to retrieve any orders until Alibris turns this on. We ask that you process orders directly on Alibris until they start coming into Fillz, as we will only be able to retrieve orders that are received AFTER EDI is turned on. Please also ensure you decrement the quantity of the items in Fillz for sales you process directly on Alibris.
  • Order confirmation is done through Alibris' EDI. Any rejected order confirmations will be emailed directly to the sellers. Please keep an eye out for these emails.
  • Alibris doesn’t accept spaces in SKUs, and they will remove spaces automatically.
  • Alibris does not accept personal images in any form from sellers, publishers or authors.

Becoming a Seller:

To review Alibris' “Getting Started” FAQ, click here.

To join Alibris, click here.

Fillz specific notes:

  • If you enable “Enable auto-confirmation on marketplace (when order moved to ‘In-Process’)” in your Fillz account for Alibris, Fillz will confirm orders when they are moved to the In Process order status. If this is not enabled, Fillz will confirm Alibris orders when they are moved to Shipped status in Fillz.
  • Fillz automatically filters the word ship if it appears in your item notes, as per their request. Alibris has policies against sellers from adding statements about their shipping.
  • If an order isn’t confirmed within 48 business hours, Alibris cancels it.
  • We recommend that you use the Alibris packing slip, since Alibris has specific requirements regarding this. To use the Alibris packing slip, find the order in Fillz and click on the blue Alibris Packing Slip link. This will pop up a page displaying the packing slip that is within your Alibris account so you can print it and meet Alibris' requirements.
  • If you have a multiple item Alibris order and want to look it up on the Orders page in Fillz, you need to search with the Alibris order number for the first item in the order (it will end in -1).
    Example: To find both Alibris order numbers 12345678-1 and 12345678-2 in Fillz, you need to search for 12345678-1 on the Orders page.

Configuring and Activating Alibris in Fillz:

For instructions on configuring and activating Alibris in Fillz, click here.

Condition Codes:

Translation of Amazon condition codes for Alibris:

  11 => 'New'
   1 => 'Fine'
   2 => 'Very Good'
   3 => 'Good'
   4 => 'Fair'
   5 => 'Fine'
   6 => 'Very Good'
   7 => 'Good'
   8 => 'Fair'
   9 => '--'
  10 => '--'


Click here to go to the Alibris Support page or email directly at

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