Selling Textbooks?

Marketplace Policies

  International Editions Teacher’s Editions
AbeBooks yes yes
Alibris yes yes
Amazon no no
BNBQ yes yes
Biblio yes yes
Chrislands yes yes
eBay yes yes
eCampus no yes
TextbookRush yes yes
TextbookX yes yes
Valore yes yes


Textbook Marketplaces

Barnes & Noble

Preventing Double Sales

Fillz tries to minimize double sales as much as possible, but we cannot eliminate them completely as it takes time to download orders, export deletes, and have marketplaces process the changes.

If you have hot selling items, we recommend that you use a pricing script to have the items listed on only one marketplace for the first __ number of days, and then allow the items to be listed on other marketplaces after the specified number of days. If you set this up for the marketplace that generates the most sales for your business, this should help to dramatically reduce the chance for double sales. Please see our Script Library if you require a script to do this.

If you would like to combine scripts, or have a customized script written, please contact us.

For more information about re-pricing with Fillz, click here.

Popular Pricing Scripts/Filter Scripts

All accounts start off as Standard, and offer manual re-pricing. Contact us if you would like to upgrade to a Premium account with automated re-pricing.

Our most popular scripts, as well as filter scripts which manage which listings are sent to which marketplaces, can be found here.

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