Export Items

Go to the Inventory -> Export Items page of your Fillz account to export a copy of your inventory to your computer.

Video Tutorial

Click here to see a video tutorial.

Steps to Export your Inventory:

  1. Log into your Fillz account.
  2. Click on Inventory.
  3. Click on Export Items.
  4. Market-specific Data -You can choose to export market specific prices in your export file, instead of base price (-- defaults to base price).
  5. Select the Export Format you require:
    1. Amazon-Tab Separated
    2. Amazon Standard Book
    3. BookHound
    4. Bookrouter
    5. Fillz Inventory Loader
    6. Fillz Product Detail Loader
    7. HomeBase 2.x
    8. Monsoon
    9. Seller Engine
    10. TextbookX
    11. UIEE
  6. Check optional boxes as required:
    • You can check the "Update export clock" box and use this option to export orders that came into Fillz since the last time you exported orders out of Fillz. This is useful if you need to export orders at intervals.
    • You can set a custom date range and orders between the dates will be exported.
    • Include items with 0 quantity: This will allow you to export items that have a quantity of 0 in Fillz. Please note that if these items are inactive in your inventory (this is based on the Make Active box being checked/un-checked in your listings), you will also need to check the "Include items marked as inactive" box.
    • Include items without a price: This check box allows you to export items without price. Their price may be null (blank) or $0.00.
    • Include items marked as inactive: This refers to items that do not have the ‘make active’ box checked when you look at a single listing in Fillz. Most of the time this applies to items that have 0 quantity or $0.00 base price, however, sellers can un-check the ‘make inactive’ box even if there is a quantity and/or price for an item. Also, some items can be active if they have a base price of $0.00, but have market specific prices filled in.
    • Always export product identifiers used for import: This option will export the product IDs as they were entered into Fillz, instead of the product IDs as we've matched them to the Amazon catalog.
    • Export items modified since: This option can be used two different ways. Note that dates are based on the Last Modified date of the orders, not the dates the orders were placed:
  7. Click the Request Report button. Depending on the size of your inventory, this could take a little while.
  8. You will be automatically directed to the List Reports tab to view the status of your export request. When your file is ready, you will be able to click to download it there.
What Can’t Be Exported?
  • Listings that do not have a value in the Condition field
  • Weight field
  • Last Modified field
For help opening and editing export files using Excel, click here.
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