Delete a Listing

There are multiple ways to delete an item in Fillz. When you delete an item from Fillz we will automatically send a delete to any marketplaces that are active. Deleted listings will remain in Fillz as "inactive" listings until they expire.

These are your options:

  1. Import a file with the SKU having a quantity of 0.
  2. Find an item on the Inventory->Browse page in Fillz, then click on the SKU to view the Edit Item page. Next, change the quantity of the item to 0 and click Save Item to lock in the change.
  3. Find an item on the Inventory ->Browse page in Fillz, check the box to the left of the listing and click on Delete Selected Items, then click to confirm the deletion.
  4. Find an item on the Inventory->Condition & Price page in Fillz, change the quantity value to 0, or click on the trash can icon, then click Save.
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