Creating SKUs

  • If you haven’t already established an SKU system for your inventory, Fillz can auto-generate SKUs on your behalf when items are entered manually through our User Interface. The default for our system includes the prefix “SKU” and 6 suffix digits follow (for the Create Item page).
  • If you are using the Inventory Input page you can enter your own SKU prefix and select the number of suffix digits.
  • You can choose whatever SKU scheme works best for you. Some sellers use the following:
    • initials of the person entering data.
    • date the item was entered.
    • the type of item that is being entered: “Book,” “DVD,” “CD,” etc.
  • We recommend that you don’t use special characters or spaces in your SKUs, as some markets may reject these.
  • Fillz has a 30 character limit for the SKU column, though some marketplaces support less. Valore, for example, accepts a maximum of 15 digits.

Alphanumeric Sort

The industry standard (and our recommendation) is to use fixed-length SKUs. For example, use S000 S001 … S100 S101, etc. to have our default sorting produce the result you expected. We also recommend using a letter in the SKU to prevent spreadsheet programs from dropping leading “0’s”.

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