New Order

To get to the New Order page, log into your Fillz account and click on Orders then New Order.

Use this page to create a new order from scratch by filling in the blanks.

Order Information:

Marketplace Where the order originated.
Marketplace Order # The marketplace order number.
Status Choose an option from the drop down.
Currency Choose an option from the drop down.
Payment Status Status of the payment.
Payment Method Fill in the buyer's payment method.
Buyer Note This field will allow you to add a message to the packing slip for the customer.
Seller Note Add an internal comment to the order. This note will appear on the order when you view it in the Orders Browse page but will not be available to the customer.
Shipping Information:
Shipping Method

Indicate the shipment Method.

Tracking Input a tracking number.
Carrier Select an option from the drop down. If you select "Other" a field will appear for you to type in the carrier's name.
Shipping Address/Billing Address:
Fill in the blanks to add a shipping and/or billing address to the order.
Add Items:
Search your inventory by SKU/ASIN/Title/Note to find add items to add to your custom order. Once you find an item you'd like to add, check the box beside the listing and click the Add button. You will then have the option to edit the quantity  and price for your order. You can then search for more items to add to your order, or click the Save Order button at the bottom of the page to complete your order.
* Your order must contain a marketplace order number before you can add an item.

  • Custom orders do not currently appear in your Monthly statistics under the Reports tab.
  • If you export an order file to your desktop, Custom Orders will be displayed in the report.
  • Fillz doesn’t confirm manually created orders on marketplaces.
  • Manually created orders are counted as revenue for fee calculations, but at a discounted rate of 0.1% (gmv * 0.001).


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