Inventory Input FAQ

What is the purpose of a location field?

Sellers generally use a location field to indicate where books are physically located.

What does “All Items (re-inventory)” mean?

This feature allows you to add items to an existing or new location.
  • After clicking the “Check Input” button, the results will show you all the existing items/SKUs in that location, in addition to any items that still need to be added.
  • You do not need to enter any SKU information if you are only adding new items. The default setting for this page is to add the items you are currently inputting AND delete the items that were already in that location (the “Delete” box will automatically be marked for the existing SKUs). If you do not want to delete the existing SKU(s) in that location, be sure to unmark the check box(es) before applying changes.

What does “All Items (re-inventory and re-sku)” mean?

This performs the same function as “re-inventory” but also allows you to change SKUs of items that already appear in an existing location.
  • In order to attach new SKUs, you will want to enter a different SKU Prefix and/or a different # of Suffix digits than what was already assigned. For example, if you have a location A1 and there is an item in that location with the SKU prefix of “Shelf” with a suffix of “2” and you want to change the SKU of that item - you would enter “A1” as the location, enter a different SKU prefix and/or a different SKU Suffix Digit, and input the ISBN (or ASIN/EAN). Be sure to indicate/enter the condition if you have the same item in different conditions in the same location.
  • As in re-inventory, items that already appear in the location will show up in the Results section marked to be deleted.

What does “New Items (no duplicates)” mean?

This will add new items to a new location or to an existing location.
  • Unlike the re-inventory and re-sku features, this will not show existing SKUs in the location in the Results section.
  • You can’t delete SKUs using this feature.
  • This will add new SKUs for unique products being added to the location.
  • If you enter an item that already exists in the location, the Results section will indicate that this item already exists in the location and you will not be able to add this item.

What does “New Items (always create SKUs)” mean?

This will add new items to a new location or to an existing location.
  • This works like New Items (no duplicates) as described above, with the exception that it will add new SKUs for every item you enter.

What does “Items to Delete” mean?

You can delete items from a specific location using this feature.

If you are trying to delete an item that appears more than once in the location with different conditions, you must enter the condition as well.

What are the Amazon condition codes?

The Condition codes in Fillz conform to Amazon’s Standard Codes:

1 = Used; Like New
2 = Used; Very Good
3 = Used; Good
4 = Used; Acceptable
5 = Collectible; Like New
6 = Collectible; Very Good
7 = Collectible; Good
8 = Collectible; Acceptable
9 = Used; Refurbished (for Electronics and Camera & Photo only)
10 = Refurbished (for Computers, Kitchen & Housewares, Electronics, and Camera & Photo only)
11 = New
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