To get to the Dashboard page, while logged into your Fillz account, click on Dashboard.
The Dashboard provides a summary of your current account activity. You can review order and marketplace statuses here.


Orders: The top of the dashboard displays the number of orders in New status, followed by the total dollar amount of those orders (not including shipping). It also shows the total number of orders in In Process status. Should Fillz have a problem confirming an order on Amazon, a Failed Confirmations status will appear. Each status is clickable, so you can click to see the problem order and then email Fillz Support about it.


Possible reasons for Failed Confirmations:

  • If you confirmed an order manually on a marketplace, the confirmation sent to the marketplace by Fillz may fail
  • If you cancelled an item from an order and then tried to confirm the remainder of the order through Fillz, the confirmation sent to the marketplace by Fillz may fail
  • There could be a problem with the order on the marketplace

​What do you need to do? Review the order(s) on the marketplace to find out if they have been confirmed or not, and manually fix it if necessary.

Removing orders from Failed Confirmations status: You can move the order to any folder in Fillz other than Shipped as that would result in another Failed Confirmation. Should you require the order to be placed into Shipped status, simply email Fillz Support the Fillz order Number and we can move the order to Shipped for you, skipping the confirmation step.


Inactive Item Expiry: This section will tell you if you have any items that are about to expire, based on your selection on the Settings page in Fillz. Inactive items are items that have sold out or been deleted. After items sell out or are deleted, Fillz stores the items as ‘inactive’ items. This option will set an expiry date so Fillz can permanently delete the old data.



Marketplaces: For each active marketplace you will see the status of Exports and Orders. If exports are suspended or order retrieval is turned off, this will be shown in the Status column. You can suspend/un-suspend exports and turn order retrieval on and off for each marketplace on the marketplace configuration page (Settings–>Marketplaces ->Edit).


Marketplace Configuration:


If you see “Not Working” for Exports or Orders for a particular marketplace, please verify that the correct login information (username/password) was saved on the configuration page for that marketplace.  Please note: When you un-suspend exports, the status of "Not Working" will be displayed until the export process has fully completed.  Depending upon the marketplace and the size of the export files, it may take a few hours before the status changes to "Good".


Every 6 months Fillz will put a reminder on the Dashboard to suggest purging your marketplaces to re-sync them with what you have in Fillz. When working online and transferring data, there is always a possibility of the odd file not being processed by a marketplace, which is why we recommend purging. A purge will result in Fillz sending a full file to the marketplace and the marketplace will remove any items that aren’t in the file, and they will also update any listings that have changed and don’t match what is currently showing in the marketplace. For more information, click here.


Notices: Keep an eye on the Notices section at the bottom of the dashboard to stay up to date with the latest Fillz announcements.




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