Create Item Page FAQ

What does Wrong Title” mean?

If you entered an ISBN, ASIN or UPC and the bibliographic data that was returned is wrong, you can click on “Wrong Title” and our system will perform a search on Amazon looking for the right title.

If the information does not update to the correct data, you should contact Amazon directly to notify them of the catalog error.

What does “Override Title” mean?

You can override the title that is displaying with your listing. Currently, the overwritten title is only exported to eBay and not to other marketplaces.

Can I disable “International/Expedited Shipping” for specific Marketplaces?

eBay is the only individual market for which you can disable this setting. On your eBay settings page you would remove values from the Expedited and International Shipping fields.

How do I disable “International/Expedited Shipping” for all of my existing listings?

You can accomplish this in one of two ways:
  1. Import an Amazon tab-delimited file with the “will-ship-internationally” and “expedited-shipping” fields set to the value that means no for all of your listings. Click here for valid values.
  2. Click Inventory -> Condition & Price. Uncheck all boxes and click Search to bring up all of your listings. Click Batch Edit, check the box beside "International Shipping" and select "No" then click Apply, then click to Save the changes.  Repeat as necessary on the next page of search results. You will need to Purge and Replace all of your markets for this change to take place.

What is "Base Price”?

Click here to see a description.

Can I upload pictures for my listings?

Yes. Your images must be hosted and entered on the “Create Item” page without spaces. If there are spaces in your URL, the images will not be displayed on the marketplaces.

What is the purpose of the Market Specific Price fields?

Click here to see a description.

Can I easily add the same phrase to my Notes field?

Yes. You can use the Note Shortcuts link under the Account menu to enter text that you think you will need to use more than once. Click here for detailed instructions. 
You can always type text directly into the note field as well.

What condition phrases can I use?

Fillz currently supports only the standard Amazon condition codes. Click on the pull down menu in Fillz and choose a condition.

What is an ASIN?

Amazon Standard Identification Number. For more information on ASINs, please click here.

How do I add the Publication Date?

You can add the Publication Date to the “Additional UIEE” box. It should appear in the following format:


What kind of information can I add in the Additional UIEE box?

You can add any of the following fields to your Additional Attributes box and we will export them to all of the markets on your behalf:
PBYR|1963             (Publisher year)
ISBN|0553205943 (ISBN) SUB1|History Canada (Keywords) JCKC|No Jacket (Jacket condition) EDNT|First Edition (Edition) SGNT|Signed by Author (Indicate if Signed) INAM|John Doe (Illustrator name) SIZE|7x 5 x 1 inches (Item dimensions) PBPL|Victoria, BC (Publisher place)
Please note that not all marketplaces support all of the fields above.

How do I enter weight for a listing?

Currently, you can’t add weights using the Create Item feature; however, we have two methods that you can use to add weights to your inventory: you can import a file with your weights or you can add weights to your orders on the shipping workflow.

How do I prevent a listing from going to a specific marketplace?

From this page, you can enter “0” in the Market Specific Price field. For example, if you wanted your item to go to all of your active marketplaces except for Alibris, you could enter “0” in field beside Alibris and click “Update”. This change will automatically be exported to Alibris.

How do I prevent a listing from going to any marketplaces?

On this page, you can do one of two things. You can either remove the check box beside “Make Active” and save the change or you can change the quantity to “0” and save. We will send a delete file to all of the marketplaces to remove the item.
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