Confirmation Files

To get to the Confirmation Files page, log into your Fillz account and click on Orders -> Confirmation Files

You can use this page to upload order confirmation data for Fillz to pass to your marketplaces. AbeBooks, Alibris, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Biblio, eBay, eCampus, TextbookRush, TextbookX and Valore all require orders to be confirmed.

We recommend that you enable early order confirmation for AbeBooks so you don't ship orders before buyers pay for them. Click here for details.

File Format

Order confirmation files should be in tab-separated text format with the following columns. Headers in red are required, the rest are optional.

Note: Field header text must match exactly as shown below (i.e. these are case-sensitive). Unknown columns will be ignored.

order-id Fillz order number
status One of “packed” (aka In Process), “shipped”, “cancelled”, “deferred
tracking Delivery confirmation or other tracking number
carrier Shipping carrier the tracking is for (ie: DHL, DHLGM, USPS, UPS, UPSMI, etc.)

 * A template file is available at the bottom of this page.

Uploading Your File

  1. Log into Fillz
  2. Click Orders
  3. Click Confirmation Files
  4. Drag your file(s) into the box, or click inside the box to browse for your file(s)
  5. Click Upload Confirmation File
  6. Wait for files to upload
  7. Your file will move from “submitted” to “processing” status, and then either “succeeded” or “failed” status:
    a. If the file failed, review your file for formatting errors and try again
    b. If the file succeeded, click on View to check that each order has been confirmed successfully.
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