View Sales Reports

To review your Sales Reports, click Reports -> Sales Reports and choose from the following tab options:
  • Monthly
  • Quarterly

Report Information

  • Compare previous reports by scrolling down the page
  • View Total Sale Price, Total Shipping, and Total Sale + Shipping Price, along with # of orders and # of items
  • A pie chart represents the total percentage of sales completed on each marketplace
  • Toggle viewing Sales Volume and/or Item data
  • *Sales Reports do not include orders created on the “New Order” page


The reports will convert currencies to USD based on the marketplace settings in Fillz. You can verify the currency by looking at an order.


If you look up an order in Fillz and it shows with a Pound symbol, then Fillz will convert it from Pounds to USD in the report. If the order shows as USD on the order page, then no conversion will be performed in the report.


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