File API


To access the File API, you need to generate an access key and a secret key:

  1. Log into your Fillz account
  2. Click on Account
  3. Click on API/FTP
  4. Under "File API Credentials" click on Generate New Credential
  5. Copy the Access Key and Secret Key (the secret key will only be shown once)
  • To temporarily stop an Access Key from working, click to Disable it. When you are ready to re-enable the key, click Enable.
  • To permanently remove an Access Key, click to Delete it.
To use the File API, please refer to the technical documentation located here.

Order Downloads

If you wish to obtain order information via the File API, please let us know and we will enable it for your account.

The files generated are in the Fillz Order Tab Format. “ShipMethod” will be Standard for standard shipping and any other value should be considered expedited.

Order files are generated every 30 minutes and will appear if there are new orders or any existing orders were modified since the last file was generated. The most common change for an order is the status changing, either through the web interface or with an order confirmation (see next section). These files are available using the File API /orders/created/ and /orders/modified/ endpoints.

Order Confirmation

Order confirmation files should be uploaded to the File API /orders/confirm/ endpoint.

Order confirmation files should be in tab-separated text format with the following columns. The first two headers are required, and the rest are optional. 

Field headers must match exactly as shown below (i.e. these are case-sensitive). Unknown columns in files will be ignored.

order-id  Fillz order number
status One of “packed” (aka In Process), “shipped”, “cancelled”, “deferred
tracking Delivery confirmation or other tracking number
carrier Shipping carrier the tracking is for (ie: DHL, USPS, UPS, etc.)
ship_date The date the order was shipped. This date will be sent when confirming orders on Amazon. Amazon accepts the following format yyyy-mm-dd


Amazon, AbeBooks, Alibris, Biblio, Barnes & Noble, eBay, eCampus, TextbookRush, TextbookX, and Valore all require that orders be confirmed. Fillz can do this for you if you follow the directions below.

Please enable early order confirmation for AbeBooks (click here for details about enabling early order confirmation for AbeBooks). This means you will need to move orders to “packed” status for this marketplace in order for Fillz to confirm orders. Fillz will confirm orders for all other marketplaces when the orders are updated to “shipped”.

After uploading your order confirmation file, please check the status of the file at the /orders/confirm/status/ endpoint. Your file will move from “submitted” to “processing” status, and then either “succeeded” or “failed” status.

To check that each order was confirmed successfully, you have to look at the orders modified file and wait for the order to appear in “packed” or “shipped” status. Once it does, you can ship it. You should retry every four hours or so, if you don’t see an order moving. After 3-4 retries your software should give up and assume that the order has a problem (e.g. rejected credit-card). Should there be a problem with the shipping confirmation, the order will appear in the orders modified file with a status of unconfirmed.

Steps for Confirming an Order:
  1. Confirm that you have the item(s) on hand.
  2. Upload an order confirmation file to the orders/confirm/ endpoint with the status being packed or shipped (see above).
  3. Check that your order confirmation file was processed successfully.
  4. Monitor the orders modified files until the order appears with your change. If this doesn’t happen within 4 hours, go back to step #2.
  • If you make any changes at all to an order, it will appear in an orders modified file (such as an address change, status change, etc).
  • If you move an order to shipped, cancelled or deferred status and you have emails configured on the Settings page of your Fillz account, we will send out an email to your buyer (if the marketplace allows direct buyer e-mails).
  • Fillz doesn’t handle Cancellations or Refunds on ANY marketplace at this time.
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