Endicia Premium (DAZzle)

About Endicia

Endicia DAZzle lets you print labels (with postage) to ship your orders. There are both Windows and Mac compatible versions. The Premium service allows third-party tools to print labels without manually typing or copying and pasting data.

Configuring Postage Settings

You need to configure your Postage Settings in Fillz if you will be using Endicia Premium (DAZzle). Click here for more information. 

Printing Postage

For step-by-step instructions on generating a postage file to use with Endicia DAZzle, click here.

After you have saved a postage file to your computer, follow these steps:

  1. Start the Endicia DAZzle program on your computer.
    1. If you’re printing domestic postage, choose File -> Print from External file.
    2. If you’re printing international postage, click on File ->Open Layout, select an international label, then choose File -> Print from External file.
  2. Open the Files of type pull-down menu at the bottom of the dialogue window. Choose Text, XML Format. Select postage.xml and click Open.
  3. Click Test Print. Fillz is not responsible for misprinted postage. Please print test postage and review the postage file before printing real postage.
  4. If your test postage looks good, click Print to generate real shipping labels.
  5. Endicia will ask you to save an output file (postage-output.xml). If you use tracking numbers, then be sure to save this file so you can upload it to Fillz, and proceed to step 6. If you did not purchase tracking, you may close DAZzle.
  6. To upload your tracking numbers in bulk with your Endicia Output file, return to Fillz and click on the Upload Endicia DAZzle Result File button on the page. Either drag and drop your file into the grey box, or click in the grey box to browse for your endicia-output.xml file which will add your tracking numbers to Fillz. Once you have completed this step, your orders will automatically move to Shipped status in Fillz. Click Return to Orders Browse to be returned to the Orders->Browse page of your Fillz account.

Note: If you did not check the “Set Order Status to Shipped and Send Confirmation” box in Fillz, the orders will remain “In Process” status. To move the orders to a different status, locate the orders and check the box in the left side of the header row of the order table:

Complete the move by clicking on the Update Selected drop down and selecting the status you want to move the orders to.

Error Messages

  • "element found at line…“

    Solution: If you receive this error message while trying to upload your Postage Results, please try opening the file in a web browser to ensure that it is a valid .XML file. If it does not open in the web browser, please contact Endicia Support.
  • "Unable to obtain the customs declaration ID. The Postal Server returned the error: Sender phone number is invalid. Supply a 10-digit number without punctuation.”

    Solution:  Contact Endicia. Sender phone number is not accepted by DAZzle in XML files. Recipient phone number is acceptable.

Rubber Stamps

You can configure the following Rubber Stamps in Endicia DAZzle:

  1. In DAZzle click on Insert-> Rubber Stamp.
  2. In the “Address list link” section, put a check mark beside “Link to Address List Field”
  3. Click on the drop down list and select the rubber stamp number you want to add and click OK, then place it wherever you want the rubber stamp to be displayed on the postage.
  • RubberStamp1 - The Fillz Order #
  • RubberStamp2 - The Title for the first item
  • RubberStamp3 - The Author for the first item
  • RubberStamp4 - The Marketplace name and Order # for the order
  • RubberStamp5-9 - The SKU, Title, Author and Note for items 2-6 in the order
  • RubberStamp10 - This will show “more items..” if more than 6 items exist in the order
  • RubberStamp90 - Shipping class
  • RubberStamp91 - All of the SKUs in the order on one line

For more information on Rubber Stamps, contact Endicia.



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