Add Tracking Information to Orders

There are 5 ways you can add tracking information to orders:

  1. Add tracking information directly to each order by clicking on “Edit” under the Order Number (before completing the order) on the Orders->Browse page.
  2. Add tracking information using the Batch Move page.
  3. Upload a file with tracking through the Fillz User Interface. For instructions, click here.
  4. Import an Endicia DAZzle output file. For help printing postage, click here.
  5. Automate: Upload tracking using the Fillz Order API. For instructions, click here.

If selling on TextbookX, adding tracking allows TextbookX to waive their $0.79 flat fee. TextbookX requires a tracking number to confirm orders. If you don’t have tracking information available, please put “SELLER” as the tracking value. This will be translated to the buyer as “See seller for tracking information” and will enable you to confirm orders on TextbookX without providing actual tracking info.

  • With the exception of AbeBooks, tracking must be added to Fillz BEFORE the order is moved to Shipped status, or the tracking information will not be passed to the marketplace. Tracking can be added to Fillz at any time for AbeBooks orders. To review which marketplaces Fillz sends tracking numbers to, click here.
  • Alibris allows you to confirm orders when they are moved to 'In Process' status, though this is not recommended if you would like tracking numbers passed to the marketplace.  In either case, tracking will need to be added prior to confirming an order.




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