Add Weights to Inventory

Fillz can display weights with your orders, using Amazon’s global weight estimations. Please note that estimations are marked up by 10% to account for packing materials.

If you want to disable the global weight estimation feature (you can do this on the Settings page of your Fillz account), we have two methods that you can use to manually add weights to your inventory:

  1. Import a file with your weights.
  2. Add weights to your orders during the shipping workflow.

If you want to import weights, you will need to select the format Fillz Inventory Loader, and use the header weight with the value in this field having at least one decimal place followed by “lbs” or “lb.” The weight field can only be imported into Fillz for a brand new listing. You will not be able to modify this field in future imports, even if a weight was not specified during the initial Import for the listing.

  • Example: 6.0 lb or 3.25 lbs Any other unit of measurement won’t be recognized by our system.
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