List a Non-Catalog Item

A non-catalog item is an item that can't be matched to Amazon's catalog.

Most of the time these items don’t have an ISBN/ASIN/EAN/UPC, or the items do not currently exist in Amazon’s catalog. More rarely, the items do exist on Amazon but Amazon doesn't return an "exact match" when given the ISBN/ASIN/EAN/UPC.

Non-catalog items can be added to Fillz on the Create Item page:

  1. Log into your Fillz account
  2. Click Inventory
  3. Click Create Item
  4. Click Switch to Non-Catalog Item
  5. Fill in the blanks
  6. Click Save Item

Amazon Requirements

In order to add a non-catalog item to Amazon, you must provide the sku, condition, price, and quantity, plus the following fields based on item type:

Book Music Movie
Type Type Product ID
Title Title Title
Author Music Label Type
*Media Media Media
Publisher   MPAA Rating
**Publication Date   Bluray Region

*For a list of Amazon's accepted Media-Types, click here.

**Publication Date must be in the Additional UIEE field as specified below. If your Book is from 1973 or later, you need to also enter the ISBN in the UIEE field (as specified below).

Additonal UIEE: This box will allow you to fill in more information about your listing than what we have fields for. You must add a prefix to each line so we can map the data you’ve entered. To add a Publication Date, PBYR| indicates the data on this line is a year, and then you would add the year after this prefix. Here is an example of what you would need to type into the box:



For information about the different fields on the Create Item page, click here.

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